Publication of Note Venkatraman, A., Fujiki, RB., Craig, B., Sivasankar, MP. & Malandraki, GA (2020). Uncovering the underlying relationship between swallowing and maximum vocal pitch elevation: A preliminary comparative study of hyoid biomechanics. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63, 10, 3408-3418.

Quote of the Day
Age is a matter of feeling, not of years.
-George William Curtis

September 10, 2021 Topic:
Symposium: Changes in Well-Being and Health after a Transition to Family Caregiving
Via Zoom

October 15, 2021 Topic:
Colloquium: Epidemiology of Alzheimer’s Dementia and Cognitive Decline in Diverse Older Adults
Via Zoom

November 5th, 2021 Topic:
Colloquium: Adjusted, but Lonesome: Decision-Making and Social Wellbeing in Assisted Living Residents
Via Zoom

November 10-14, 2021 Topic:
The Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting
Phoenix, AZ

Jul-1 - CALC Director Ken Ferraro wins Kleemeier Award.
Jun-14 - CALC Faculty Associate Ellen Ernst Kossek named Distinguished Professor.
Jun-14 - CALC Faculty Associate Min Zhang uses data science techniques to understand the genetics and cellular biology of cancer cells.
May-27 - CALC Faculty Associate Libby Richards explains why many vaccinations are given in the arm.
May-21 - Research on young people’s falling patterns informs research on falls among the older adult population.
May-20 - Balance Rehabilitation for Older Adults course integrates telehealth procedures.