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Web Accessibility


Committee member, Kris Knotts, earns Focus Award for web accessibility efforts

Upcoming deadlines

March 15, 2013

The top 75% of legacy web pages which are used most frequently must be in compliance with the policy.

Past deadlines

April 1, 2012
Status reports must be submitted via the Office of Institutional Equity online status report form.

March 15, 2012
The top 50% of legacy web pages which are used most frequently must be in compliance with the policy.

July 1, 2010
All legacy web pages must indicate in plain text a method of contact for users with disabilities having trouble accessing content within the site. Learn more and see an example.

Recent Updates

Accessible Web Design Presentation (PowerPoint)

Accessible Web Design Handout

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What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility removes barriers to electronic information and technology. Accessibility focuses on all potential users of Web content. These include individuals who must or choose to use assistive technology to consume content on the Web. Web Accessibility is making sure the code of a Web page is written in a way to be as clear as possible to assistive technology such as screen readers. This normally means adding a few extra lines of code which may not be visible on the Web page, but helps to clarify information to someone who may be listening to it rather than reading it.

The creation and dissemination of knowledge is a defining characteristic of universities and is fundamental to Purdue University's mission to promote learning, discovery, and engagement. The use of digital and Web based delivery of information is increasingly central in carrying out our mission. Acknowledging this fact, Purdue University is committed to ensuring equal access to information for all its constituencies.

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This Website contains resources and training information to assist in carrying out our mission.