Why Are You Here?

You have been offered the opportunity to participate in the Purdue Promise support program because:

Purdue Promise supports students through a cohort model. Your cohort is defined by the fall semester that you first enrolled at Purdue. For example, if you started your Purdue career in fall 2014, you are part of the 2014 Cohort.

Because the support we offer is essential to your success at Purdue, you must sign a contract annually indicating you agree to participate in our support program. Your Purdue Promise, Emerging Urban Leader, and/or Purdue Opportunity Award scholarship is contingent on signing this contract.

Due to ongoing changes in Purdue and State financial aid policies, each Purdue Promise cohort has slightly different scholarship and support program requirements. Click on your cohort page on the left-hand menu for more details.

Why Are We Here?

Our dream is to see you graduate from Purdue’s West Lafayette campus; and our goal is to help you do so in four years with as little debt as possible. For those receiving the Purdue Promise award, it is possible that you could graduate debt-free! We provide a four-year support system, comprised of courses and coaching, which focuses on your academic, social, leadership, and life skills development. We also offer the following services:


When you enroll in our required GS 197 course as first-semester, first-year student, the Purdue Promise instructor for that course becomes your Purdue Promise Coach. This is your designated personal contact for Purdue Promise, and is ideally the first person on campus you would go to for assistance. You will remain with this coach throughout the duration of your Purdue experience unless you and/or your coach leave Purdue. In the even that you find yourself eligible for our academic recovery program (MAPS), you will work with your coach’s supervisor until you regain good academic standing.

"Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise"

The “Once Purdue Promise, always Purdue Promise” commitment means all scholars will be offered continued support regardless of maintenance of “on scholarship” status.

We believe in helping you succeed at Purdue and will do all that we can to help you remain eligible for our financial aid package. We do realize, however, that events may arise that prevent you from meeting Purdue and/or State scholarship requirements. It is our promise to provide support to Purdue Promise participants regardless of whether they receive financial assistance from us or not. “Once Purdue Promise, always Purdue Promise” means you are always eligible to take advantage of our services. A promise is a promise, and we are here to see you through!

Scholarship Appeals

Purdue Promise assists program participants through Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeals (for loss of all financial aid), Merit Appeals (for loss of Purdue Promise and/or Emerging Urban Leader awards), and State appeals (for loss of 21st Century Scholars awards). Students should contact the Purdue Promise program coordinator for assistance.