Is This My Cohort?

You are part of the 2010 cohort if you first enrolled at Purdue in fall 2010 and qualified for one or more of the following scholarships:

  • Purdue Promise (must also have been a confirmed 21st Century Scholar)
  • Emerging Urban Leader (EUL)
  • Purdue Opportunity Award (POA)

Important Notes and Policies for My Cohort


In the semester that you plan to graduate, you must register for Candidate Status. This gives you access to the Graduation tab in myPurdue. If you do not plan to graduate by August 2015 (5 years), please contact your Purdue Promise Coach for guidance pertaining to your degree plan and financial aid.

Financial Aid

Because you are in your fifth year at Purdue, you may be nearing the time when you will exhaust your eligibility for certain types of financial aid. If you do not plan to graduate by August 2015, you will also need to be planning for financial aid for the next school year. You should review the following resources.

Fifth-Year Support Statement

Because the Purdue Promise Program only provides aid for four years, fifth-year students are not funded unless there are special circumstances, such as leftover funding due to taking time off for co-op or semester internships; and therefore do not have any program requirements. Instead, we have designed a support statement that aligns with our "Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise" policy to ensure your success during your entire time at Purdue.


Purdue Promise Support Program

2014-2015 Fifth Year Support Statement

I understand that if I do not graduate as planned, I must contact the Purdue Promise staff to make arrangements for the 2014-15 academic year. If I were to be a fifth-year student, I understand I may not receive further financial support in the form of the 21st Century Scholars (TFCS) award, Purdue Promise award, or Purdue Opportunity Award unless I have remaining TFCS eligibility, which can be confirmed by visiting my eStudent profile. However, through the “Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise” policy, I understand I am still able (and encouraged) to utilize the academic and personal support resources offered by the Purdue Promise Support Program until I successfully graduate from Purdue.

These requirements only apply to students who entered Purdue Promise in 2010. Please download the appropriate agreement to see the full list of requirements based on your scholarship (including the specific GPA). This list is not exhaustive.

If I were to be a fifth-year Purdue Promise Support Program participant, I acknowledge that I would continue to have access to:

  1. Program tutoring from specially-trained Purdue Promise tutors and referrals to other academic resources;
  2. Academic, social, leadership, life skills, and financial coaching from Purdue Promise staff; and
  3. Free printing in the Purdue Promise offices.

If I am receiving other forms of financial aid, I understand that I am required to:

  1. Remain in good academic standing^ by classification (based on number of credits earned), including meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, to retain financial aid. This includes a specific GPA each semester and a limit on failing/incomplete grades and course withdrawals.
  2. Remain a Purdue (West Lafayette) full-time+ student by taking at least 12 credit hours each semester (fall/spring). I understand I am strongly encouraged to take 15-18 credit hours each fall/spring semester to ensure that I am able to graduate in a timely manner. I should seek assistance from Purdue Promise staff regarding financing (private scholarships, loans, out-of-pocket monies, etc.) any semester I plan to enroll after my TFCS and Purdue Promise awards are exhausted.
  3. Submit the FAFSA by the March 1st priority deadline every academic year, regardless of whether I will be in college or not, until graduation and submit any edits/corrections requested before May 15th.
  4. Work with the Student Employment Office to secure an on-campus job if I am offered Federal Work Study funds and I am seeking employment.

If I were to be a fifth-year Purdue Promise Support Program participant, I acknowledge that the program staff would request that I:

  1. Strive for academic excellence. This includes attending all of my classes, studying regularly, and remaining in contact with Purdue Promise staff, academic advisors, TFCS College Mentors, and course instructors.
  2. Contact Purdue Promise if I am struggling with any of my classes.
  3. Meet and engage with Purdue Promise staff as needed. I understand that they are available, in conjunction with my academic advisor, to support me in my academic, social, leadership, and life skills development.
  4. Check my Purdue e-mail daily and read all electronic messages/updates sent by my Purdue Promise staff.
  5. Give my post-college contact information and plans to the Purdue Promise staff prior to graduation.
  6. Update Purdue Promise staff and myPurdue with any changes in my contact information.
  7. Discuss with a Purdue Promise staff member any concerns I may have regarding financial aid, employment, and/or personal life issues that may negatively affect my academic performance.

I have read and understand this statement. I am aware of the services that I am able to utilize during my remaining semesters at Purdue University, and recognize these resources are provided to assist in my successful completion of a Purdue degree. I can choose to opt in or out of Purdue Promise support services at any time during my remaining semesters at Purdue.

* Financial Need is defined at Refer to your Financial tab in myPurdue for current cost of attendance rates. Financial need does not include AT flight fees, study abroad or child care.

^ The University may alter the “good academic standing” and “Satisfactory Academic Progress” policies.

+ Full-time status is currently defined by the University and is subject to change. Additionally, the Indiana General Assembly reserves the right to define “full-time” and “on-time” status for state funding, and these definitions may differ from the University policy.


For specific GPA requirements, please download the appropriate scholarship agreement below based on the scholarship award you receive:

Purdue Promise

Emerging Urban Leaders

Purdue Opportunity Awards