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Indoor Facilities Rental Prices

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Affiliated Rates

Non-Affiliated Rates

Affiliated Rates

Non-Affiliated Rates

Indoor courts- Upper, Gold & Black, Lower Gyms
$10/court/hr $30/court/hr $20/court/hr $40/court/hr
3 Court Gym $28/hr $84/hr $56/gym/hr $112/gym/hr
MAC/Feature Gym $20/hr $60/hr $40/court/hr $80/court/hr
Multipurpose rooms $15/hr $45/hr $30/hr $60/hr
Courts-hand-racquet-squash-wally-badminton $4/court/hr $12/court/hr n/a n/a
TREC per half (north/south side) $35/hr $105/hr n/a n/a
TREC full $60/hr $180/hr n/a n/a
Whole facility $250/hr $750/hr n/a n/a
LocationAffiliated Rates

Non-Affiliated Rates

Meeting room (small) $8/hr $32/hr
Meeting room (large) $10/hr $40/hr
Boilermaker Room $20/hr $80/hr
Lounge areas $5/hr $20/hr
Kitchen $40/hr $40/hr

**The prices indicated are for the space only. Access to the technology in the space and certain set-ups will be additional costs.**

Outdoor Facilities Rental Prices

LocationPurdue Affiliated


Basketball/volleyball Courts $5/hr $15/court/hr
Tennis $4/court/hr $12/court/hr
Black Fields-Wabash-softball-football-soccer-rugby-lacrosse $5/hr $15/field/hr
Gold Fields-softball-football-soccer-rugby-lacrosse $10/hr $30/field/hr
Pickett Park pod (four pods) $5/hr $20/hr

Aquatic Facilities Rental Prices

Comp Pool/Rec Pool Facility RatePurdue Affiliated


Per lane charge (25 yards) $5.50/lane/hr $14/lane/hr
Per lane charge (50 meters) $12/lane/hr $28/lane/hr
25yd x 25yd Pool (short course-8 lanes) $32.50/hr $85/lane/hr
50m Pool (long course-8 lanes) two hour minimum $70/hr $175/hr
Diving Well (all) two hour minimum $30/hr $90/hr
Comp Pool lobby or balcony area $15/hr $40/hr
Class room $10/hr $35/hr
Recreation Pool $40/hr $100/hr
Instructional Area $25/hr $65/hr
Spa $15/hr $40/hr
Vortex $15/hr $40/hr
Patio $15/hr $40/hr


Additional Staff are required based on the requested activity and rental space. Staff will be charged at$15 per hour/person. Except for the below staff:

Comp Pool meet management $20/hr/person
Athletic Trainer $20/hr/person
AV-lighting technician $40/hr/person
Custodial/service $20/hr/person
Group Exercise Instructor-certified $65/hr/person
Learn to Play Instructor $65/hr/person
Massage therapist $60/hr/person
Staffing needs to be determined by Assistant Director of Reservations or Associate Director of Aquatics

Sports Equipment

Based on the item requested. The price will be determined by the Assistant Director of Reservations

Miscellaneous Fees

Rental ItemsHourly RatesDay Rates
Outdoor lights $36/hr $180/day
Chair rental $1/chair based on room setup
Protective mats $2/mat based on room setup
Table $3/table based on room setup
Projector portable $5/hr $25/day
Projector overhead $10/hr $50/day
Projector Feature Gym $30/hr $150/day
Flat screen $5/hr $25/day
Blueray $2/hr $10/day
Sound system $10/hr $50/day
Stage (per section) $10/section  
Theater lights $10/hr $50/day
Podium $25/usage  
Linens $3/linen  
Pipe & drape $3/lineal foot  
Scoreboard $5/hr per scoreboard  
Floor covering $7.50/covering  
Floor carpet squares $100.00/flat  
Aqua Scoreboard rental $200/day  
Scoreboard operator $75 event/session  
Timing system $200/day  
Timing system operator $75 event/session  
Scorer $75 event/session  
E-shop $35/hr  
Announcer $40 event/session  

Lining Fees

Field1st FieldAdd Fields
Flag football/ultimate $110 $65/each
Football regulation $220 $130/each
Lax-men full or rugby $245 $145/each
Lax-women full or rugby $200 $120/each
Softball $65 $40/each
Soccer 3X3 $100 $60/each

Conference Rentals

Eligible participant-conferee will have seven options. Conferee will also have to cover the cost of the card if supplied by CoRec, which is currently $2.00.

  1. Daily admission fee of $7.00
  2. Conference pass of $1.00 per day for length of conference
  3. Monthly Pass (unlimited visits) of $40.00
  4. Weekend Pass (Friday-Saturday) of $12.00
  5. Weekly Pass (7 Days) of $20.00
  6. Twenty Visit Punch Pass $100.00
  7. Ten Visit Punch Pass $50.00

Long Term Rentals

Defined as groups requesting multiple spaces over the duration of a semester and are returning groups every semester. May be eligible for a rental discount of up to 30%. RecWell director will approve all discounts applied to rental groups.

Rain Site Location

If a group would like the option to hold a rain site, they will be charged the average of the outdoor space and the comparable indoor space.

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