Manufacturing Opportunities with the Global Electric Vehicle Transformation

03. Managing Opportunities in the IC to EV Transition

Dr. Ananth Iyer talks about how the transition from IC to EV will impact parts suppliers. He highlights the risks of not evolving with these changes. He also discusses how counties in Indiana will be effected differently by this transition. Dr. Iyer discusses several strategies that can be utilized to evolve and adapt to the transition towards EV. One strategy emphasized is that companies in the IC market can collaborate with other companies to create a product or system that adds value in the EV market. Dr. Iyer also mentions the agile strategy where companies in IC market can transition their products to be used in another industry. Lastly, he mentions the benefits of dual sourcing and how there will be a need for big companies to have more than one supplier.


Dr. Ananth Iyer - Director, DCMME and GSCMI Center | Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management, Krannert School of Management

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