Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

01. 2021 Voice of the Blue Collar Worker Survey Review

This workshop focuses on understanding the labor shortage and how technology can help alleviate this issue. A Voice of Blue- Collar worker survey was conducted to help communicate the job considerations blue collar workers have. The demographics presented in this survery are discussed in context of how it applies to individual companies. A key take away of this survey is the high value placed on work place enviroment, having management that understands the needs of their employees, and flexability. This is a shift in prior values of the workforce. Leveraging these values to evolve recruitting and workplace practices is imperative to successful labor management.


Steve Dunlop - Managing Director, DCMME and GSCMI Center
Ted Fiock - Purdue WHIN Managing Director
Kasey Zimpfer - HR Director at North American Manufacturing Division, BraunAbility

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