Management and Business

The Management and Business cluster includes business and management occupations aligned with the production, transportation, processing, and distribution of food and fiber, including the management of renewable natural resources.

In the United States between 2020 and 2025, expect an average of 24,700 annual job openings for new college graduates in management and business with application in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and the environment; and 25,700 graduates with degrees and expertise in management and business entering the food, ag, renewable natural resources and environment workforce. Approximately 42% of all food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and the environment-related position openings are in Management and Business, making it the largest of the four employment clusters. On an annual basis, food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and the environment graduates will fill approximately 61% (15,600) of available positions, with the other 39% (10,100) filled by graduates from allied fields of study.

[Figure 3. Approximately 24,700 Annual Employment Opportunities in Management and Business, and a Total of 25,700 Qualified Graduates Entering the Workforce]

Figure 3

Observations and Trends

Marketing and e-commerce specialists with emphasis on online products and services are expected to increase, possibly at the expense of on-the-ground specialists. Continued movement to online purchasing will erode opportunities for sales representatives with increased migration toward businesses being represented by technical services field specialists to assist customers in applying, operating or maintaining purchased products.

Strong employment opportunities are expected for financial managers and advisors, lenders, credit analysts, insurance and operations managers. Good opportunities also are expected to continue for personal financial advisors and business consultants.

To meet the increased availability of and dependence on big data, we project increased demand for data scientists and analysts, including sustainability analysts, across the Management and Business cluster of occupations.

Technical sales and services specialists, particularly with expertise in niche production systems, should expect favorable employment opportunities.

Expect positions for parks and recreation specialists to be an option for college graduates with specialties in renewable natural resources.

We expect continued opportunities for pest control business specialists.

Graduates with emphasis on trade should expect continued opportunities in the workforce.

Agriculture equipment sales specialists and single-source food production operations may see a reduction in open positions over the near future; commodity diversification will be key.

Traditional retail sales and nontechnical sales representatives may experience a decline in employment opportunities.