SpaceX Historic Landing


SpaceX has managed to land the stage 1 rocket from its satellite launches 3 times now! The reason that this is such a monumental accomplishment is the difficulty with which the mission holds. When a rocket travels to orbit, it does not go straight up then come straight back down, it must move horizontally. This means with a limited amount of fuel, the stage one rocket must make maneuvers with an already depleted fuel supply in order to land correctly, as demonstrated here: 

So what does this successful landing mean for sustainability? The cost of one of the stage one rockets is huge. It accounts for 75% of the total cost of the mission, which in this case, comes out to around $50 million dollars. To be able to save that money to be used again? That's incredible. The cost has been stated as such, "it is like building a 747, flying it once, and then never being able to fly it again." If we are able to save the rocket's that are used to launch supplies into space, that saves money, that allows reusability of the rocket, and it protects the environment from potential rocket debris. This is a giant step for space and sustainability, and we are excited to see what advancements are still in store. 

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