10 Minute Lifestyle

The 10 Minute Lifestyle is a platform for people to come together to speak about and learn about many different topics in regard to pedestrian friendly communities and city design.

The movement has been launched by Ben Fox along with his father David Fox, the co-founder of Fox/Lorber Associates and A&E Home Video. With the help of over 60 urban thinkers spread out around the country, Ben and David are hoping to promote the creation and spread of pedestrian friendly communities. According to Ben, "We believe that some people learn best via visual information over the written word, and our website provides the best visual material on the internet on pedestrian friendly communities."

Through their website, you can watch over 200 informational and entertaining videos, see the list of every thinker that has teamed up with the 10 Minute Lifestyle, and view their blog. Visit the movement here: 10 Minute Lifestyle