2014 RecycleMania Tournament

Boiler Up and Recycle Up

The Office of University Sustainability encourages Purdue faculty and staff members to recycle their unneeded files and paperwork during this year’s Recyclemania competition, which runs February 2 to March 30.

Purdue has participated in Recyclemania since 2010. It is an annual recycling competition among hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. At Purdue we also have track recycling between the residence halls to encourage friendly competition. The winning residence hall will receive a prize.

During the competition, participating institutions report the amount of materials recycled and trash collected each week. The institutions then are ranked in various categories based on their recycling rate, total volume of recycling, and least amount of total waste. The last category combines trash and recycling.

Click here for more information about Recyclemania 2014. Last year, Purdue ranked 10th out of 331 institutions and first in Indiana in the Gorilla Prize category. Purdue ranked 72nd out of 250 institutions in the Grand Champion category, 81st out of 167 institutions in the Waste Minimization category and 96th out of 361 institutions in the Per Capita Classic.

Questions about Purdue’s involvement in the contest, including which materials are recyclable, should be directed to the Office of University Sustainability on Facebook, Twitter, or sustainability@purdue.edu. Residence halls will have informational tables set up throughout the contest period, be on the look-out!

Update: Halfway through Recyclemania and we are still leading the BIG Ten in Grand Champion! BoilerUp and keep it up!

BIG Ten Grand Champion Week 6