Student FAQs Post Batch Registration

The university makes a commitment to provide all incoming students a workable schedule that makes progress towards degree.  The university assumes no responsibility for students that cannot make progress towards degree as a result of registration changes made by the student.

Q: I did not get the classes I wanted.
A: The University used your course request form (and alternatives) to create the most optimal schedule for you.

Q: The class times I was given are not what I wanted.
A: The University used your course request form (and alternatives) to create the most optimal schedule for you. Please consult with your advisor to determine if making a change is recommended. 

Q: Dual credit/transfer credit is not loaded and I need an override to get a course.
A: Your advisor will need to see an official or unofficial copy of that transcript to be able to provide an override for you. Once that is in place, you may attempt registration for that course.

Q: What does a course with a red line through it mean?
A: You were not enrolled in this course.

Q: What if I want to try to register for it now?
A: You should click on the  Recycle Icon icon to reactivate the course. Then click on Build Schedule. A message will appear if you were successful or not.

Q: Can I try to rearrange my schedule?
A: Please consult your advisor before making changes that you have not already discussed with them.

Q: My schedule includes overlapping times/classes.
A: Some courses (BAND 11000 is one example) that allow students to miss a prescribed amount of class times. Students should consult with the instructor of the course.

Q: I do not have any classes scheduled.
A: You did not submit a Course Request Form within your pre-registration window.  If you had a hold on your record at the time of the preregistration process, this prohibited a schedule being created for you.  Please contact your academic advisor for assistance.  If your academic advisor provided you a PIN, you may register for classes once your time ticket opens.  You may view your time ticket in myPurdue under Registration status. 

Q: What if I was assigned an online or hybrid course and I do not want it?
A: You may attempt to find a face-to-face offering of the course using your registration PIN once your time ticket opens. You may view your time ticket in myPurdue under Registration status.

Q: Can I import my schedule to my personal calendar?
A: Yes, for IOS. You can use the iCalendar in the Scheduling Assistant.

Q: Is my schedule updated when I add and drop courses?
A: Yes, changes are real time. You can confirm by viewing your schedule.  Go to, click on Registration, then select Use Scheduling Assistant.

Q: Why did I not get my high priority courses?
A: The algorithm attempts to maximize students' choices. A student cannot be registered in a course if:

  • the course is already full.
  • the student has a conflicting time with another scheduled course.
  • the student doesn’t meet the prerequisites or restrictions for the course.

Q: What if I no longer want to remain in my Learning Community?
A: After consulting with your advisor, you may reach out to Learning Community at or 765-494-5785.

Q: How long do I have to make changes to my schedule?
A: Refer to the Add/Drop Refund & Deadline Calendars and click on the semester of choice. 

Guide on add/drop/revisions in Scheduling Assistant

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