Definition of Terms

Course Request Form (a.k.a. Course Requests, a.k.a. Course Request, a.k.a. Course Requests Page)

A web form in UniTime that students use to submit a list of courses and alternative courses in priority order that are ultimately fed into an optimized scheduling algorithm that attempts to satisfy each individual student’s request while attempting to do the greatest good for the greatest number in terms of meeting student demand for courses.

Critical Course

A course that a student must be able to pass to persist and succeed in a particular major.  This definition assumes student must be successful in passing the course.  Ex:  Students who want to be nurses, for example, should know that they are expected to be proficient in courses like biology in order to be successful.  Additionally, this definition includes a course that must be completed by a given semester in order to progress towards degree completion or a service course offered outside of the student's home college where space is limited.

  • What is not a critical course:
    1. A selective whereby the student has opportunities to choose a course from a list of possible options.
    2. A course whereby the department controls space for their students enrolled in a particular major and the student is guaranteed a seat in the course.

Extended Drop/Add

The act of requesting a change to a registration which may including dropping and/or adding one or more course sections. Extended Drop/Add requests must always be approved by advisors; instructors must be notified of all drops and must approve all adds; at certain times during the semester, departmental designees may also need to approve registration changes.

Extended Drop/Add Period

The time period when registration changes require additional approvals (advisor, instructor, departmental designee).

Open Registration

A time period after all time tickets have expired and batch pre-registration has occurred when all students are registering, attempting to register or changing their schedule.


The act of submitting a course requests form.  Students admitted beginning summer 2019 or fall 2019 will use the Course Request Form to pre-register.

Register/Scheduling Assistant

The act of enrolling a student in one or more course sections. Students register using the UniTime Scheduling Assistant or Self-Service Banner (a.k.a SSB).


A record indicating that a student is enrolled in one or more course sections.

Pre-Registration Window (aka Time Status)

The specified timeframe assigned by an advisor when students can submit their Course Request Form.

Time Ticket/PIN

An assigned timeframe when a student can enroll in courses for a particular semester. Time tickets are based upon total credit hours earned and divided into weekly groups by student classification.  They are used in conjunction with a 6-digit randomly assigned number that allows the student access into the UniTime Scheduling Assistant.

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