Undergraduate Admissions on the West Lafayette Campus (WL-6)

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Responsible Executive: Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity
Responsible Office: Office of Admissions
Date Issued: January 23, 2012
Date Last Revised: August 1, 2023


Statement of Policy
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Individuals and Entities Affected by This Policy
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Director of Admissions





Undergraduate applications to Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue University Indianapolis and Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide locations are reviewed individually, comprehensively and holistically. Admission is competitive and relative to both the pool of Applicants and the space available. All application reviews and admission decisions are made in support of and comply with the University’s Nondiscrimination Policy Statement.

Criteria for Admission

Successful Applicants must be academically prepared for the rigor of higher education and the specific demands of the academic program to which they are seeking admission. All first-time college Applicants must provide proof of a high school diploma or recognized equivalent as a minimum requirement for admittance to any Purdue academic program. Applicants with post-high school college credits may not be required to provide a high school diploma or recognized equivalent. In addition, the faculty of each college or school set the threshold academic expectations for new freshman and transfer students in their programs.

The Admissions Committee will take the following additional factors into consideration in the admissions review (if included in the admission application):

  • Secondary school course expectations as outlined on the Office of Admissions website
  • Overall grades in secondary academic core coursework and/or college-level academic coursework
  • Specific course equivalency requirements for transfer students
  • Grades in academic courses related to the intended major
  • Strength of the Applicant’s curriculum relative to that available
  • Trends in academic achievement
  • Overall and core academic grade point average
  • Conduct record
  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Ability to be successful in intended program of study
  • Personal statement/essay
  • Personal background and experiences
  • Activities, leadership, honors, awards and work experience
  • Recommendation(s) provided by secondary school counselor, teacher or other school administrator
  • Time of year of application
  • Space available in intended program of study

Special Admissions

The University recognizes that not all secondary or preparatory schools provide access to the minimum academic expectations for admission to Purdue University; thus, strong overall candidates for admission may present small deficits relative to the expectations. The University also recognizes that a small number of students may present deficits but also bring exceptional talents, attributes, achievements or experiences that could significantly enrich the campus community. These Applicants may be considered for Special Admission.

Academic units (college, school, or department), non-academic units/programs (e.g., arts, athletics, musical organizations, etc.) or the Office of Admissions may identify Applicants for Special Admission. Such identification must take into account that the Applicant’s credentials demonstrate potential to complete an academic program at Purdue. In some cases, such potential will need to be considered along with appropriate and reasonable academic support from the University.

The Admissions Committee will make the final determination whether to approve an Applicant for Special Admission based on the recommendation of the Special Admission Review Committee.

Revocation of Admission

Falsification of any part of the application for admission is grounds for revocation. Further, an offer of admission may be revoked if an Applicant’s academic or conduct record seriously deteriorates between the time of admission and matriculation.

Confidentiality and Records Retention

To protect the privacy of Applicants, the credentials of freshman Applicants may be discussed with and disclosed to only the Applicant, their parent or legal guardian if the Applicant is under the age of 18, and officials of the Applicant’s secondary school. The credentials of transfer Applicants may be discussed only with the Applicant.

All Admissions Records submitted by and on behalf of an Applicant become the property of Purdue. Admissions Records will be retained in accordance with the policy on Assignment of Authority and Responsibility for Retention and Disposal of University Records (V.B.3), as amended or superseded.


Purdue University is committed to attracting, enrolling and graduating a talented and broadly diverse undergraduate student body whose members:

  1. Will be successful in the academic programs and other opportunities of the University,
  2. Add to a vibrant mix of students fostering an educational atmosphere that provides the best educational experience for all students, and
  3. Show promise of future contribution to the University community and the broader society.


Applicants, faculty and all units involved in student recruitment and/or admissions to Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue University Indianapolis and Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide.


There are no exclusions to this policy.


Admissions Committee

  • Conduct credential reviews and make admissions decisions regarding all undergraduate applications to Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue University Indianapolis and Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide. Applications may be divided as appropriate among the Admissions Committee members for review and determination.
  • Based on the advice of the Special Admission Review Committee, make a determination whether to approve an Applicant for Special Admission.
  • Review and make determinations on written appeals of admission denials.
  • Reject any third-party influence or the appearance of influence during review and decision processes.
  • As appropriate, refer Applicants who are denied admission to the Purdue Regional Campuses.
  • Make a determination whether to revoke an offer of admission.


  • Provide complete and accurate information when applying for admission.
  • In the case of a denied admission decision with which they disagree, follow the admissions appeal process.

Faculty of the Colleges/Schools

  • Provide a recommendation on minimum academic expectations for admission of new freshman and transfer students to the Office of Admissions.
  • Provide annual input to the Admissions Committee regarding criteria for success in specific programs of study.

Office of Admissions

  • Administer this policy.
  • Provide application procedures, deadlines and requirements online.
  • Oversee the Admissions Committee.
  • Protect the privacy of Applicants.
  • Record and annually monitor outcomes of Special Admissions.
  • Provide an appeal process for Applicants whose admission is denied.


  • Appoint members to the Special Admission Review Committee as necessary and appropriate.

Special Admission Review Committee

  • Review requests for Special Admission and forward recommendations to the Admissions Committee, including any pre- and/or post-matriculation academic conditions and/or support mechanisms.


All defined terms are capitalized throughout the document. Refer to the central Policy Glossary for additional defined terms.

Admissions Committee
A standing committee under the direction of the Office of Admissions that reviews all applications to undergraduate academic programs on the West Lafayette and Indianapolis campuses and Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide locations and makes the final admissions decisions.

Admissions Record
Documents submitted to the University by or on behalf of an Applicant. The term refers only to items that are either:

  1. Required documents, such as the application itself, high school transcripts, college transcripts (if there are any), and test scores;
  2. Decision letters; or
  3. Scholarship letters.

An individual who has applied for admission as an undergraduate student to Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue University Indianapolis or Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide.

Office of Admissions
The office of the same name on the West Lafayette campus charged with oversight of undergraduate admission to Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue University Indianapolis and Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide.

Special Admission
Admission of an Applicant to Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue University Indianapolis or Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide who does not meet the published minimum academic expectations.

Special Admission Review Committee
A standing committee appointed by the Provost that reviews requests for Special Admission and provides a recommendation to the Admissions Committee. Membership on the committee consists of no fewer than three faculty members, including representatives from the Education Policy and the Student Affairs Committees of the University Senate.


Access to Student Education Records (VIII.A.4)

Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

Office of Admissions website:




August 1, 2023: Removed class rank from list of factors considered and added references to Purdue University Indianapolis throughout.

January 3, 2022: Added requirement for high school diploma or equivalent and included statement about records retention in the Statement of Policy section. Added definition for Admissions Record. Corrected references to Purdue Polytechnic Institute throughout. Updated responsibilities section to account for removal of procedures.

February 8, 2013: Office of Admissions hyperlinks updated and references to them included in the Responsibilities and Procedures sections.

January 23, 2012: This is the first such policy to address this issue and is effective beginning with admissions to the spring 2012 semester.


There are no appendices to this policy.


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