Persona Non Grata (IV.A.5)

Volume ­­IV: Facilities and Safety
Chapter A: Safety
Responsible Executive: Senior Vice President for Administrative Operations
Responsible Office: Physical Facilities and Public Safety
Date Issued: August 1, 2004
Date Last Revised: May 1, 2023


Statement of Policy
Reason for This Policy
Individuals and Entities Affected by This Policy
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Vice President for Physical Facilities and Chief Public Safety Officer



Campus Police Departments (non-emergency)




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Purdue University is committed to maintaining a safe environment for the university community. Individuals who demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to conduct themselves in accordance with university policy or applicable laws while in or on University Facilities may be issued a Persona Non Grata (PNG) Notification that bars them from any or all University Facilities in the following situations:

  1. Use of University Facilities in a manner inconsistent with the facility's purpose.
  2. Disruption of University programs, services or activities.
  3. Interference with the educational mission of the University.
  4. Threats or other behaviors that pose a risk to the safety and security of the University community.
  5. Violation of a specific facility policy.

Authority to Issue and Rescind

PNG Notifications must be:

  1. Authorized by a University Official as defined in this policy; or
  2. Issued by a Police Officer and ratified by an appropriate University Official within 72 hours after issuance.

The situation that gives rise to the notice must be properly documented. Documentation may include:

  1. Personnel records or Student records,
  2. Police reports,
  3. Disciplinary action taken by a university department,
  4. Witness statements detailing first person accounts, and/or
  5. Building or department reports documenting the identity of the individual and any previous warning.

A PNG Notification may be renewed if, in the judgment of the University Official making the determination, the renewal is in the interest of campus safety or security. Any determination to rescind a PNG Notification prior to expiration must be made by the University Official who originally authorized the notice (or their successor).

Notices to Students

Facility-Specific: A Student may be issued a PNG Notification for a specific University Facility or Facilities under the same procedures and circumstances as any other individual.

Campus-wide: A Student may be issued a PNG Notification for all University Facilities (including the entire campus) only in conjunction with Summary Action or following the conclusion of other Disciplinary Proceedings as outlined in each campus’s Regulations Governing Student Conduct.


The recipient of a PNG Notification may submit a written appeal within 10 days of receipt of the notice. The appeal must be submitted to the issuing campus’s University Police Department. The appeal will be forwarded to the appropriate campus official for review and determination.


Violation of a PNG Notification may result in an arrest for criminal trespass as stipulated under Indiana Code (IC 35-43-2-2).


The Indiana General Assembly has granted the Board of Trustees the power to govern, by regulation and other means, the conduct of students, faculty, employees and others while upon property owned, used or occupied by Purdue University. This policy outlines the circumstances under which a PNG Notification may be issued and enforced.


All units, students, faculty, staff, visitors and contractors of Purdue University are governed by this policy.


There are no exclusions to this policy.


University Officials

  • Authorize and/or ratify PNG Notifications in accordance with this policy.
  • Request that a university Police Officer issue the PNG Notification in person. When that isn’t practicable, provide the recipient with an explanation of the notice’s meaning, the appeal process, the consequences of violation (including that violation may lead to arrest for criminal trespass), and a copy of the form.
  • Notify the campus University Police Department of a PNG Notification not issued by a university Police Officer, so it is properly documented.

University Police Officers

  • Issue PNG Notifications in accordance with this policy.
  • Provide the recipient with an explanation of the notice’s meaning, the appeal process, the consequences of violation (including that violation may lead to arrest for criminal trespass), and a copy of the form.
  • When serving a notice in person, request the individual’s signature on the form (desired but not required) and sign as witness.
  • Generate case reports to document the issuance of all PNG Notifications for their campus.

Campus Chiefs of Police

  • Receive and decide appeals for their campus, except in cases where the chief was the University Official who authorized the PNG Notification.

Vice President for Physical Facilities and Chief Public Safety Officer, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs, and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

  • In the absence or involvement of the campus Chief of Police, receive and decide appeals for their campus.


All defined terms are capitalized throughout the document. Refer to the central Policy Glossary for additional defined terms.

Disciplinary Proceedings
The procedures for cases of student conduct as outlined in each campus's Regulations Governing Student Conduct.

Officer/Police Officer
Any Purdue University Police Department officer on any campus and officers of local police departments authorized by the University.

Persona Non Grata (PNG) Notification
The written notice issued to an individual describing the University Facilities to which they are denied entry. The conditions of the notice typically will be in effect for a period of one year, but may be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances.

An individual who is presently enrolled at the University.

Summary Action
Summary disciplinary action by way of temporary suspension and exclusion from University Facilities taken against a Student charged with conduct in accordance with each campus’s Regulations Governing Student Conduct. Also referred to as an interim suspension term.

University Facility(ies)
Any building or structure or any improved or unimproved land, or any part of any such building, structure or land, that is owned, used or occupied by Purdue University.

University Official
Employees of the University authorized to sign a PNG Notification. These officials are:

  1. President;
  2. Chancellor;
  3. Vice presidents, vice chancellors, and vice provosts;
  4. Chief of Police for any campus;
  5. Dean of Students for any campus (includes other titles used to encompass those duties);
  6. Title IX Coordinator for any campus; and
  7. Designees of the above.


Regulations Governing Student Conduct



May 1, 2023: Removed procedures section from the policy. As a result, included language in the Statement of Policy on Authority to Issue and Rescind a PNG Notification and expanded the responsibilities for University Police Officers. Updated the definition of University Official and added responsibilities for such. Eliminated definitions for Complainant and Subject, and updated definitions of Officer and PNG Notification. Assigned responsibility for reviewing appeals to the Chief of Police for each campus. Reassigned the responsible executive and office and removed references to the Senior Director for Environmental Health and Safety. Updated contacts and hyperlinks.

November 18, 2011: Policy number changed to IV.A.5 (formerly I.4.5) and website address updated. Related Documents section also updated.

January 1, 2011: References to the Regulations Governing Student Conduct were added. This policy supersedes Persona Non Grata, Interim (I.4.5) dated July 1, 2010.

July 1, 2010: Significant revisions were made to update the policy and convert it to the current policy template.

Prior to October 2008, this policy was included as an appendix to policy I.4.1, Regulations Governing the Use and Assignment of University Facilities.


There are no appendices to this policy.

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