One health

Researchers at Purdue are multidisciplinary experts solving the challenges facing our ecosystem. Purdue One Health is expanding knowledge of animal, human and environmental well-being through four monumental pillars.  

Academic Health Affairs 

Leading the way in education and research 

The university is strategically transforming the future of health affairs by aligning health and life science programs, catalyzing health research, and strengthening industry and clinical connections. 

New Research Facilities 

Investing in discoveries made on campus 

Purdue has appointed study committees dedicated to strengthening facility support to faculty and students for both the broad health and life sciences research facility as well as a chemistry-related research facility.  

One Health Innovation District 

Building a center for life-changing progress 

In partnership with Elanco Animal Health Inc., Purdue is developing an Indianapolis-based research park focused on solving pressing issues impacting animal, plant, human and environmental health. 

Training Facility With Lilly at LEAP

Providing opportunities in pharmaceutics  

Collaboration between Purdue and Lilly has created the groundbreaking Lilly Scholars program and a shared dedication to Indiana’s LEAP Research and Innovation District, a key component of the Hard-Tech Corridor.