When you arrive in the US 

  • Continue to check your email regularly! This is often the fastest way to get information to you or to update you with changes, e-forms, and/or appointments (if needed). You will have a check-in email which will ask you important questions.
  • Connect with your host and your department to see if they have specific instructions or information for you.
  • If you are a J, you will reach out to your department liaison, and they will need the following information and documents from you to complete your e-check in 
  • - Career Account
    - PUID
    - Purdue email address
    - Local residential phone number
    - Local residential address
    - Purdue Office phone number (if applies)
    - Emergency contact person’s name, relationship, state and country, email address and phone number and their primary language for communication.
    - Scan of signed, stamped DS-2019
    - Scan of visa stamp
    - Scan of I-94
    - Scan of health insurance documents
    - Scan of DS-2007 if the individual is a Visiting Undergraduate Student


    For E-checkins  the actual appointment start date is when the scholar begins engaging in the research/employment. 

    Departments can change start/end dates by submitting Delay e-form (before arrival). 

    If a J-1 visitor has arrived later than anticipated and so the program dates need to be changed, this must be done as part of the J-1 visitor check-in by the liaison. You cannot submit a Delay Request after someone has arrived.

    If the Initial J Scholar/VUG e-form has not been processed yet by an ISS counselor and the department requires a date change, please contact IntlScholars@Purdue.edu.

  • If you are an H, E, O, TN you will need to complete an online orientation with one of our International Counselors. You will receive the invitation to this with your check-in email. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions! 
  • If you are in a paid position, please make sure you have arranged to complete your I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification documents with the Purdue Business Office within three business days of your start (hire) date.
  • Arrange to receive your Purdue ID card from Purdue ID Card Office  https://www.purdue.edu/business/card/index.php
  • Apply for Social Security Number, Driver’s License and other documents if needed.
  • Update your name, address, and contact information promptly if you make changes.
  • Please reach out to an Immigration Counselor prior to any domestic or international travel.