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Yiwei Huang Published Two Articles as Collaborative Author

Yiwei Huang as collaborative author has two articles published:

“Locating the Responsive Plants for Landscape Recovery: A Toolkit for Designers and Planners.” Xiwei Shen; Steven Handel; Niall Kirkwood; Yiwei Huang; and Mary Padua. Ecological Restoration. March 2022 vol. 40 no. 1 33-35. http://er.uwpress.org/content/40/1/33.full.pdf+html

“A Call for Innovative, Multidisciplinary Adaptive Landscape Design in the Age of Climate Change: Interview With Brett Milligan.” Brett Milligan; Luyu Zeng; and Yiwei HuangLandscape Architecture Frontiers. 2021(06) Page: 88-98

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