Prospective Students and Visiting Scientists – Purdue Pomology Lab

Prospective Students and Visiting Scientists

 Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of the Purdue Pomology lab. Our lab provides an inclusive environment for students and scientists to develop their skills in applying knowledge, thought and creativity to solving real world problems. We also strive to understand the physiology and genetics that underpin traits of interest. We usually employ both field and laboratory research methods and can also conduct greenhouse studies where appropriate. While the research in our lab is focused on apples, it’s likely a number of our students and visitors will apply the techniques and approaches learned to many different temperate and tropical crops.

We communicate our results to growers and actively participate in the two way flow of information to-from growers. In this way our research can be put into practice and our work can have real impact.

We host students and visiting scientists from many countries and cultures. There is strengthen and enrichment from this diversity.

Prospective Graduate Students

More information on graduate study within our department is available here.

Applications should be made through the Graduate School.

Note that I do not currently have any graduate assistantships available, so incoming students need to provide the majority of their own funding.

Visiting scientists

General information on our department is available on the departmental website​.

Please contact me and we can discuss possible research topics.​