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Ziziphus mucronata


As for Z. spina-christi (q.v.); however, the fruit are larger, darker red in color, rather bitter tasting and considered inferior to it. Sudan (western): cherry-type [sic] fruit used as a delicacy [sic]; (Kordofan, Darfur): bitter-sweet pulp of fruit is dried and milled to produce a fine flour. One method of preparation places the flour in small metal cups which are cooked under steam. This process solidifies the flour in the shape of the container. The dried pulp-flour and water are also mixed with sesame and formed into small balls for immediate or future use. The seed coat is also cracked open and the kernels eaten raw. Nigeria (Kano State, northern): fruit eaten.

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Willd. Sudan.
Chemical composition: Protein (crude): 2.8% (dry). Fat = 2.1% (dry). Ash (insoluble) = 4.4% (dry). Fibre (crude) = 4.1%. Carbohydrate (soluble): Starch = 29.5% (dry). Sucrose = 48,5% (dry). D-glucose = 1.1% (dry). D-fructose = 1.0% (dry). Amino acids (g [16g N]-1): Aspartic acid = 16.6g. Threonine = 3.4g. Serine = 3.9g. Glutamic acid = 17.6g. Proline = 5.3g. Glycine = 4.9g. Alanine = 7.5g. Valine= 5.1g. Cysteine = 1.0g. Methionine = 1.0g. Isoleucine = 4.3g. Leucine = 8.5g. Tyrosine = 3.6g. Phenylalanine = 4.3g. Lysine = 3.9g. Histidine = 1.4g. Arginine = 4.7g. Minerals: Sulphur = 0.05% (dry). Potassium = 0.12% (dry). Magnesium = 0.10% (dry). Calcium = 0.27% (dry). Na = 0.01% (dry). K = 2.08% (dry). Zinc = 6mg/kg-1 (dry). Iron = 289 mg/kg-1 (dry). Manganese = 10mg/kg-1 (dry). Copper = 3mg/kg-1 (dry).

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