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Tridax procumbens

Tridax procimbens


Burkina Faso (Bouroum-Bouroum, Poni Province): the Birifor people prepare the leaves for a sauce. The plant also has diverse ethnomedical uses. Mozambique: leaves cooked and eaten.

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Baballmkgere/(Manyika/Shona): Kamburukire
Chemical composition: The plant is rich in sodium, potassium, and calcium. Leaves contain crude proteins = 26%; crude fiber =17%; and soluble carbohydrates = 39%, calcium oxide = 5%. Oleanolic acid was also obtained in good amounts The plant also has diverse ethnomedical uses. Chemical composition: Protein (crude) = 26.3%[/100g?]. Fiber (crude) = 17%[/100g?]. Ether extract [Fat?] = 1.8%[/100g?]. Carbohydrate = 39%[/100g?]. Ash = 15.9%[/100g?]. Fumaric acid is present in the leaves.

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