Strychnos madagascariensis – Famine Foods

Strychnos madagascariensis


Zimbabwe: fruit pulp is fire-, or sun-dried, for use in periods of food shortage. Mozambique (Macossa and Tamara districts): Ripe fruits, which have fallen on the ground are collected, cracked open and the pulp eaten raw. The pulp and seeds may also be dried by placing them on a rack, over hot coals. Drying this way may take two to three days. When dry, the pulp is separated from the seeds and the seeds cracked open. The pulp is pounded [to a powder?] and eaten immediately or kept for up to a few weeks. In the Macossa district village of Chatora, the seeds are sun-dried and then cracked open. The pulp [is dried?] and pounded into a powder that is mixed with honey. The powder may also be eaten alone, without honey. Muteme.

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Mozambique ((Manyika/Shona): Kwakwa, M’nteme, Munteme
Chemical composition [of edible fruit]: Protein = 11.5%/100g.Fat = 6.0%/100g. Total carbohydrate = 61%/100g. Phosphorus = 2106mcg/100g. Calcium = 60mcg/100g. Iron = 60mcg/100g.

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