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Pinus silvestris


Europe: fibrous bast of inner bark dried and used as a flour substitute or additive. Finland: bark used to make flour. Bark roasted over a fire; oven-baked; or boiled to neutralize toxic compounds

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Finland: pettu
Chemical composition [June]: Protein = 40g/kg; Fat = 62g/kg; Carbohydrate: 160g/kg; Vitamin C = 50mg/kg; Thiamin = 1mg/kg; Riboflavin = 2.1mg/kg. [September]: Protein = 40g/kg; Fat = 54g/kg; Carbohydrate = 130tg/kg; Vitamin C = 50mg/kg; Thiamin = 1.5mg/kg; Riboflavin = 3.8mg/kg, Mineral

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