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Panicum maximum


Tanzania (Ngindoland): grain gathered in sifting trays held by the harvesters who rub the ripe grass between their palms. The grains are roasted, dried thoroughly, and then pounded. They are then boiled and eaten salted or unsalted, and/or with a relish. Mozambique (Tambara district). Seeds gathered and dried, then ground into a powder and used to make nsima, a porridge. Zambia (Gwembe Valley). Seeds eaten. V

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Ngindo: Lumbunga. (Manyika/Shona): Nagugu. Zambia (Tongan):mukasez
Chemical composition (amino acid content - g/16g nitrogen): Glycine = 3.2. Alanine = 9;3. Valine = 6.3. Isoleucine = 4.5. Leucine = 13.5. Aspartic acid = 6.4. Glutamic acid = 20.2. Lysince = 2.3. Arginine = 2.9. Histidine = 2.1 Phenylalanine = 6.1. Tyrosine = 2;3; Proline = 10.0. Tyrosine = 2l3l Prolne = 10l.0. Tryptophan = 0.7. Methionine = 2,3,Cystine = 0.7. Serine = 6.6. Threonine = 4.1.

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