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Menyanthes trifolata


Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales), Norway: roots leached to remove bitter element, then ground to a flour. Finland: flour made from rhizomes

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Buckbean; Bogbean
Chemical composition: Protein = 50g/kg; Fat = 38g/kg; Carbohydrate = 400g/kg. Mineral content: K = 8600mg/kg; Ca = 3300mg/kg; Mg = 2100mg/kg; P = 1200mg/kg; S = 2800mg/kg; Fe = 265mg/kg; Cu = 5.4mg/kg; Mn = 81mg/kg; Zn = 26mg/kg; Ni = 18mg/kg; Co = 0.5mg/kg; Cr = 0.08mg/kg; Se = 0.01mg/kg; Al = 42mg/kg; B = 15mg/kg; Hg = 0.004mg/kg; Cd = 0.3mg/kg; Pb = 8mg/kg.

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