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Ceratotheca sesamoides


Chad (central)0: leaves eaten. Sudan (Kordofan, Darfur): seed pods and leaves ground into a powder used to prepare a traditional Sudanese dish – Waika. Tanzania (Dar es Salaam region; and on the shores of Lake Nyasa): leaves boiled and mixed with cassava leaves. Niger (Balayera): leaves used primarily as a condiment and in soups. A rich source of iron and calcium.

Nutrient  values of leaves – Niger  sample: Mn = 179.64mcg/g Fe = 218.55mcg/g Ca = 4968mcg/g
Mg = 3662mcg/g Cu = 9.66mcg/g Zn = 24.66

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Name Authority:
Chad (central)(Arabic): Darraba t'al goz. Sudan: Abadeib. Niger (Zarma): yodo. English: False Sesame.
Chemical composition (leaves and seeds): Protein (crude) = 8.5% (dry). Fat = 1.5% (dry). Fibre (crude) = 8.5% (dry). Ash (insoluble) = 20.2% (dry). Carbohydrate (soluble): Starch = 3.1% (dry). Sucrose = 3.5% (dry). D-glucose = 1.5% (dry). D-fructose = 0.1% (dry). Amino acids (g [16g N]-1): Aspartic acid = 17.2g. Threonine = 5.1g. Serine = 4.4g. Glutamic acid = 13.3g. Proline = 5.0g. Glycine = 5.7g. Alanine = 6.3g. Valine = 6.5g. Cysteine (performic acid oxidation) = 0.7g. Methionine (performic acid oxidation) = 1.9g. Isoleucine = 5.5g. Leucine = 9.4g. Tyrosine = 4.2g. Phenylalanine = 5.7g. Lysine = 5.2g. Histidine = 2.1g. Arginine = 6.1g. Minerals: Sulphur = 0.23% (dry). Potassium = 0.23% (dry). Magnesium = 0.48% (dry). Calcium = 1.48% (dry). Na = 0.02% (dry). Zinc = 36mg/kg-1 (dry). Iron = 194mg/kg-1 (dry). Manganese = 173mg/kg-1 (dry). Copper = 15mg/kg-1 (dry). Aluminum = 137mg/kg-1 (dry). Soil type favored by plant - Western Sudan: sandy.

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