Achyranthes aspera – Famine Foods

Achyranthes aspera


India (area not specified): leaves boiled and eaten mixed with salt and chili peppers (Capsicum sp. [Solanaceae]). (Deccan): leaves and seeds eaten. Rajasthan (Jaisalmer district): seeds eaten. (Rajasthan, western; Madras Presidency): leaves eaten as vegetable. Madhya Pradesh: seeds eaten by Gond and Sahariya tribes.

Additional Information

Name Authority:
Jacq.; L.; Wall.
Bombay Presidency: Nasik district, Baghan: Agudha. Ahmednagar district: Akola: Aga. Khandesh district, Pimpalner: Agarda. Surat district, Mandvi: Lanjeta. Rajasthan, Jaisalmer district: Andi-jaro. Rajasthan (western): Unda kanta, Latjira. Rajasthan (Marwar District): Broont; Bharoont. Tamil: Nahi ooroovie keeray. Telugu: Ooteraynie.
Soil type favored by plant: sandy. Chemical composition: see Jain & Tiwari.

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