Virtual HTM and CSR Lecture Series

Whether you dream of a career in sales, hospitality, tourism, financial planning, or retail, one thing is common among all of these fields - managing people. The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) and Division of Consumer Science (CSR) know all about how to do just that!  

Professor Stephen Leitch and Lecturer Keith Molter invite you to join them as they host several guest speakers for the Virtual HTM and CSR Lecture Series. These are real Purdue classes, filled with real Purdue students - providing you with a great opportunity to preview what our HTM and CSR classes are like at Purdue.

"With our students being isolated at home, we wanted to take a negative and turn it into an opportunity! This interdisciplinary experience uses technology to bring the best in the industry to students at home while still providing an engaging and meaningful learning environment."

Discussion topics include event management, crisis management, diversity and inclusion, value and entrepreneurship, and the importance of taking care of your internal customer. Don't miss this great opportunity to preview a course, and learn valuable information about how top hospitality and business leaders are navigating their industries during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Lecture Series Schedule


Jennifer Bryson

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | 12:00-1:00PM EST

Jennifer Bryson, Levy Vice President of Operations, Midwest/Cananda 

Past Lecture Series Schedule

Anne Book

April 3, 2020

Event Management ‘The Best of the Best’ with Anne Book, award winning event planner ranked in the top 40 in the US by Martha Stewart magazines.

"I relish reinventing classic ideals, restyling traditions and using treasured memories to forge future heirlooms." - Anne Book




Jason Kreul

April 9, 2020

Crisis Management with HTM alum Jason Kreul, Executive Vice President of Operations for Highgate - a premier hospitality investment and management company widely recognized as an innovator in the industry.





Molly Kurth

April 14, 2020

Diversity and Inclusion with Molly Kurth, Vice President of NCAA Division of Levy Food Services.




Art Norins

April 15, 2020

Value and Entrepreneurship within Hospitality with Purdue Alum Art Norins, serial Entrepreneur. 

Art is a proven entrepreneur who has successfully built multiple businesses from concept to reality. He started his own company, Sandium, selling and servicing commercial air-conditioning systems all over the world, including at U.S. embassies.




Coley O'Brien

April 22, 2020

Taking Care of your Internal Customer with Coley O’Brien, Chief People Person at Wendy’s Corporation.




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