Lab Members


College of Health and Human Science, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences SLHS faculty and staff (Mark Simons/ Purdue University)

Alexander L. Francis, Ph.D., Associate Professor

My current research focuses on the use of psychophysiological measures to assess cognitive engagement and affective responses related to effortful listening, especially under adverse conditions and in older listeners with and without hearing impairment.

Current CV (PDF).

Lab Manager


Ph.D. Students

Jordan Love

Au.D. Students



Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Emma Bonham

  • Anyia Clayton

  • Nicole Kirk

  • Cassian Kruse

  • Lexi Rozycki

  • Sarah Shipe


Doctoral Students

  • Jessica Lorenz, Au.D., Audiologist at The Hearing Center
  • Wai Ling Law, Ph.D. August, 2017 – Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Branch
  • Fernando Llanos, Ph.D. August, 2016 — Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh
  • Mengxi Lin, Ph.D. August, 2015 — New York City
  • Wei Zhang, Ph.D. December, 2010 — Associate Professor, University of Akron
  • Maria Kondaurova, Ph.D. December, 2008 — Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
  • Yanhong Zhang, Ph.D. May, 2008 — Chinese Master, The Lawrenceville School
  • Natalya Kaganovich, Ph.D. August, 2007 — Associate Professor, Purdue University

Undergraduate Students

  • Emily Walczak, B.A. May, 2019 — AuD program, University of Nebraska
  • Shelby Claflin, B.A. May, 2019
  • Lauren Lahey, B.A. December, 2018 — MS-SLP program, University of Arizona
  • Theresa Pietro, B.A. December, 2018 — AuD program, Purdue University
  • Anna Brown, B.A. May, 2018 — MS-SLP program, University of Louisville
  • Breeah Carey, B.A. May, 2018 — MS-SLP program, Purdue University
  • Neenah Simpson, post-baccalaureate May, 2018 — MS-SLP program, Indiana University
  • Shannon Doolittle, B.A. May, 2016 — AuD program, San Diego State University
  • Haley Kissel, B.A. December, 2015 — MA in Applied Behavior Analysis, Ball State
  • Lisa Le, B.A. May, 2016 — MS-SLP program, Eastern Michigan University
  • Abbey Schmitt, B.A. May 2016 — AuD program, Indiana University
  • Jessica Lorenz, B.A. May, 2015 — AuD program, Purdue University
  • Alyssa Nymeyer, B.A. May, 2015 — MS-SLP program, Purdue University
  • Ashlee Witty, B.A. May, 2015 — MS-SLP program, University of Cincinnati (Distance)