The SPACE Lab is located in Lyles-Porter Hall, Room 3053.

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Audio stimuli can be presented through up to 7 monitor speakers typically spaced at 30º intervals (0º and ±30º, ±60º and ±90º) in our 12′ x 8′ single-walled sound booth, also equipped with a computer-controlled 50″ LED screen. Audio is presented through an 8-channel M-Audio Delta 1010 LT PCI Digital Audio Computer Interface. Stimulus presentation can be controlled by a Dell workstation running Windows 7, with experiment control options including MATLAB, Presentation, and E-Prime.

The booth is equipped with instruments for recording digital audio via a variety of microphones, millisecond-accurate response times via button-box (Cedrus RB-730), and a suite of physiological responses using a Biopac MP150 system.

We are currently equipped to record the following physiological measures:

  • Heart rate (ECG)
  • Pulse period and volume (PPG)
  • Electrodermal activity (EDA)
  • Respiration (abdominal or thoracic expansion)
  • Facial muscle activity (2 channels) (EMG)
  • Eye gaze direction (2 channels) (electro-oculogram, EOG)

We also have two Windows 7 Dell workstations for data analysis, experiment development, and conducting behavioral experiments outside the booth. Each is equipped with a touch screen, Cedrus RB 730 response box, sound-damping headphones, E-Prime, MATLAB, Presentation and AcqKnowledge.