There are 9 credits in the Healthcare Leadership Graduate Certificate and courses can be taken in any order. If you opt to complete the certificate first, credits can be applied to the Master of Health Administration, saving you time. 

Below are brief course overviews. Download the full course descriptions here.

The Business of Healthcare

Keep pace with the rapidly changing world of health and health care. Students will explore the drivers of value creation, valuation approaches, and differences in capital structures between nonprofit and for-profit healthcare providers. Students will examine horizontal consolidation and integrations among nonprofit and for-profit providers.

Organizational Behavior and Management in Healthcare

Learn the full spectrum of human capital management concepts, including talent acquisition and retention, employee motivation, change management and organizational culture. Emphasis will be placed on performance management, total rewards, learning and development, HR analytics, principal leadership, healthcare social responsibility and anticipating the future of human resources.

Strategic Planning and Marketing for Healthcare

Explore the entire healthcare enterprise — the industry and competitive environment in which it operates, its long-term direction and strategy, its resources and competitive capabilities, and its prospects for success – and learn how and why some organizations consistently outperform other organizations.