Spring Fest 2023

Spring Fest

Join the Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) for Spring Fest 2023, where we’ll have a variety of fun activities centered around human health and well-being. View the complete lineup of events and activities on the 2023 Spring Fest website.  

Department of Human Development and Family Science

Featuring the Center for Early Learning, the Center for Families, the Military Family Research Institute, HDFS Club, and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences 

Location: Memorial Mall

Activities: On-site activities for families include bracelet-making, family games, planting kits, gratitude challenges and more. Take-home activities include educational books and a “Learning in Lafayette” activity handout that identifies different places in the community where families can go to support their learning. 

School of Health Sciences

Location: Purdue MRI Facility

Activity: HSCI students will give tours of the MRI facility, demonstrate how to use noise meters and identify fruits from medical images.

Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

With the Student Academy of Audiology

Location: Lyles-Porter Hall


  • Station 1: This activity explores how to use tuning forks to evaluate hearing and visualize sound waves using ping pong balls. PVC tubes show how the changes in the length of the tube — like the length of our ear canals — changes pitch.
  • Station 2: This activity teaches participants about normal things that can be found in the ear and things that shouldn’t be in your ears.
  • Station 3: Participants can identify different types of ears, for both humans and animals, to learn about how ears can vary between different humans with different ear anomalies as well as animals. This activity will also feature an enlarged loudness scale that is marked with the scale of decibels from very soft to very loud to teach about hearing protection and the dangers of loud sounds in our everyday lives.
  • Station 4: This coloring station allows participants to color a folding diagram of the ear anatomy to show all parts of the ear system. This station will also offer giveaways and information about current Purdue HHS and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences research involvement.
  • Station 5: Participants will be led in using boomwackers, which are tubes cut at various lengths to correspond to different musical notes, to play fun songs, demonstrating how tube lengths affect the pitch and frequency of sounds.
  • Station 6: This demonstration will teach participants about the self-cleaning properties of the ear and the importance of not using cotton swabs to clean ears out. A conveyor belt will go through a giant ear that turns to show things coming out that should or shouldn’t be in the ear.
  • Station 7: In this activity, participants will go through a series of simple balance tests to educate themselves about how the vestibular (balance) system works and how it relates to the hearing system.

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