Your Future Is Our Focus

Learning by Doing

All HHS majors offer an opportunity for hands-on learning, such as an internship, clinical experience, or a co-op, allowing you to gain valuable, real-world experience before you graduate. Undergraduate research offers students the chance to work on faculty-mentored research projects.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are a great way for first-year students to make friends and learn how to navigate Purdue. Research has shown that students who participate in a learning community earn higher grades, make friends faster, and graduate at higher and faster rates than students who don’t participate. Learning communities in the College of Health and Human Sciences focus on improving health and quality of life.

Student and Career Services

Your academic advisor will help you explore personal, academic, and career goals including questions concerning your major, academic programs, graduation requirements, and University regulations. Additionally, you will discuss registration and course selection for each semester with your advisor.

Likewise, HHS offers students valuable career-related resources, including free events that explore career paths for HHS majors, teach valuable skills for internship and job searches, and inform students how to plan for graduate/professional school. Some HHS academic units, as well as the University, also host career fairs to which all HHS students are invited to attend.