Potential Partner Organizations

Does your organization work to help families? Are you offering support to families while they cope with the pandemic?

We are here to help! We are a group of scientists, educators, and students from Purdue University. We have created a special initiative to help families and the organizations who support them: Families Tackling Tough Times Together. 

The pandemic is a very big challenge. How families cope can affect both parents and children for a long time. There are simple things families can do that will help them to build their strengths during this time. We have put together tools that you can share with the families you support. We are looking for organizations who want to use these tools with families. 

The tools are free, flexible, and informed by science. They are designed for families of all types, with tailored suggestions for children, youth, young adults and older adults, and are suitable for both civilian and military families. 

Your organization can join the effort as a DISSEMINATION partner or an ENGAGEMENT partner. Below is a summary of what partners will receive and what would be expected. There is NO financial cost to your participation.

 Dissemination PartnersEngagement Partners
What will be provided to you  
Nine collections of resilience-building activities families can use. XX
Training materials about resilience for you and your staff or partners. XX
Access to expert consultation. X
Access to customized content. X
What we ask of you  
Distribute program materials to families weekly for nine weeks.XX
Tell us how you used the materials.XX
Actively interact with families to build a community of support online.    X

Organizations can request more information or sign up by contacting shelley@purdue.edu.  Sign up soon – materials will be available beginning Sept. 27.