Coronavirus is a serious problem. Families are working hard to meet the needs of children, extended family members, jobs, education and other challenges. Parents want to reassure their children and manage their own anxiety. With families now spending so much time together, this is also a great time to build family strengths.

Science has shown that families can build their resilience as they go through daily life, even during times of trouble. Scientists at Purdue University and elsewhere want to help families do what they do best, and so we are creating this “pop-up” program for the virus crisis. We are creating, finding, and sharing engaging and fun ideas that families can use to support each other and build resilience at the same time. We hope you will join with us and with each other to build a supportive community of ideas and help. Invite your family and friends too!

What is Families Tackling Tough Times Together?

A Facebook group and website with materials to help families as they deal with coronavirus. Our goal is to provide parents and families with information and activities that will help with daily challenges and build resilience at the same time.

Why was it created?

This is a time of great challenge, but also great opportunity. Families are spending lots of time together and want to take good care of each other. Families are already drawing on their strengths, and Families Tackling Tough Times Together offers ways for families to learn about, practice, and grow their resilience skills while they go about their daily lives.

Who can participate?

Anyone interested in building resilience in their family is welcome to participate.

Is there a cost or obligation?

There is no cost or obligation to participate. Everyone may participate as much or as little as they wish and use materials at any time.

How does the Facebook group work?

Families can join a public Facebook group named Families Tackling Tough Times Together. Each week, based on a specific resilience theme, a carefully-selected kit of information and activities for families was posted on Facebook. We hope families try them out and share their experiences back with the community to build mutual support. “Bonus” activities will include live events, demonstrations, and story hours. Materials will be tailored for families of all types, with specific attention to children, youth, young adults, and elders. The kits are now being released on this website.

Who created this program?

Faculty, staff and students in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University are leading Families Tackling Tough Times Together, with contributions from partners from other parts of Purdue as well as universities and other organizations around the country. We are dealing with the virus too, and wanted to do something to help others. This “pop-up” initiative is the result.

Where do the resources come from?

Project materials come from a variety of sources, all selected to be engaging and helpful to families. All materials are vetted to be consistent with scientific theory and evidence regarding family resilience.