FAQ for Partners

What is Families Tackling Tough Times Together?

Families Tackling Tough Times Together is a flexible, accessible program aimed at supporting families of any structure with members of any age. Each week for nine weeks beginning Oct. 4, a short collection of information and ideas that families can use to grow and practice resilience skills will be released. Each week will focus on a different set of resilience skills. Program content can be used at any time, in any amount or sequence, and families can come and go as they wish. 

Is there a fee to use the materials?   

No. this initiative is being made freely available. Please consider the materials to be copyrighted, however, so they should not be altered, and should never be cited without attribution. 

How is program content distributed? 

Collections of content are posted to a public Facebook group Families Tackling Tough Times Together and to a project website.  Collections are being posted weekly for nine weeks beginning Oct. 4. During the intervals between collection releases, additional content is being posted to both the Facebook group and the website, as well as social media. Partners receive regular emails to share content and provide support. Engagement partners can receive customized information in response to their questions and needs. 

What does each collection contain?

Each collection comprises five short documents, each targeting a different age group or part of the family, which contain suggested activities to build skills related to the resilience theme for the week. These documents are very brief and focus on activities that can easily be incorporated into daily family life during the pandemic. 

Are materials available in Spanish?

Written materials are available in Spanish.     

Is the program available to families of all types? 

Yes, program materials are designed to have ideas that can be used by families regardless of their structure or age configuration. 

Do we have to agree to be a partner to gain access to the materials? 

No, families or organizations are welcome to use the materials whenever they wish. During the 2020 fall cycle, the community of practice, however, is available only to partners and only. 

Can families gain access to the materials directly?

Yes, families can find them here on our website and/or join the Facebook group. But there is much that organizations can do to extend the reach or deepen the impact of the program by infusing it in their work with families. 

How do I or my organization become a partner? 

Send an email to Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth (shelley@purdue.edu) indicating that you would like to be a partner, and whether you would like to be a “dissemination” or an “engagement” partner. 

What is expected of dissemination partners? 

Dissemination partners are asked to:

  • Pass project materials along to families each week for the 9 week duration of the program. 
  • Share information with project administrators about how materials were shared, to how many families, and what if any feedback was received.  

What is expected of engagement partners?     

Engagement partners have the same responsibilities as dissemination partners, but in addition, engagement partners are asked to encourage families to:

  • Try one resilience-building activity each week.
  • Participate with other families in a community of support (for example, via organizations’ existing programming).