Professor and Principal Investigator

Dr. Maria S. Sepúlveda

D.V.M., 1991, Universidad de Chile, Santiago Chile
M.S., 1997, Wildlife Ecology, University of Florida, FL
Ph.D., 2000, Toxicology and Veterinary Sciences, University of Florida, FL

 Curriculum Vitae April 2020

Dr. Maria Sepúlveda’s main area of research is ecotoxicology. Over the last two decades, she has conducted extensive research evaluating the sublethal effects of a wide-range of environmental contaminants on the physiology of numerous terrestrial and aquatic species.

Laboratory Manager

Matthew Hamilton

B.S., 2008, Organizational Leadership & Supervision, Purdue University,  IN
B.S., 2012, Wildlife Science, Purdue University, IN

M.S., 2016, Wildlife and Forest Resources, University of Georgia, GA





Matt is the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences lab manager.

Laboratory Technician

Grace Coogan

B.A., 2017, Biology, Occidental College, CA







Grace is our lab tech for the SERDP PFAS project.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Wes Flynn

B.S., 2009, Biology, Penn State, PA
Ph.D., 2017, Ecology, University of Georgia, GA

Wes is studying the toxicity of with per- and polyfluroalkyl substances to amphibians.

Dr. Tyler Hoskins

B.S., 2011, Biology, Butler University, IN
Ph.D., 2019, Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology, Miami University, OH

Ty is studying the toxicity of with per- and polyfluroalkyl substances to amphibians.

Graduate Students

Elizabeth (Lizz) Allmon

B.S., 2012, Biology and Ecological Sciences, Shepherd University, WV
M.S., 2015, Marine Science, University of Texas, TX

 Lizz is a PhD student working on evaluating the effects of contaminants on the transcriptome of fish.

Edgar Perez

B.S., 2014, Environmental Sciences, Loyola University, IL
M.S., 2017, Biology, Loyola University, IL

Edgar is a PhD student working evaluating the effects of per- and polyfluroalkyl substances on amphibians.

Maggie Wigren

B.S., 2016, Biology, Purdue University, IN

Maggie is a MS student working evaluating the impacts of oil on the microbiome of fishes.

Allison (Alli) Scott

B.S., 2016, Wildlife Biology, Texas State University, TX
M.S., 2019, Wildlife Ecology, Texas State University, TX






Alli is a PhD student working on PFAS mixture effects on gray tree frogs.

Evelyn Barragan

B.A., 2019, Environmental Sustainability, Earlham College, IN






Evelyn is a MS working on the immunotoxicity of GenX on Xenopus laevis.

Ashley Newton

B.S., 2019, Natural Resources Management, Langston University, OK






Ashley is working on the toxicity of PFAS to amphibians.

International Visiting Scholars

Zhiquan Liu

B.S., 2014, Jinggangshan University, China
M.S., 2017, East China Normal University, China


Zhiquan is a PhD student visiting scholar from East China University, Shangai, China. Zhiquan is working developing QSAR model for PFAS toxicity mixtures using zebrafish embryos.

Past Team Members