Transportation of Minors

Forms and Contacts

All questions regarding the safe transportation of minors may be directed to the Office of Risk Management at or 765-494-7695.

Refer to Risk Management's Use of Vehicles webpage for detailed information and links to applicable forms.

Driver Qualification and Authorization

All individuals who will operate a vehicle on University business must meet Minimum Driver Qualifications defined in the policy on Use of Vehicles for University Business (IV.A.1). Only drivers that fall in the "acceptable" category are authorized to operate a Vehicle unless otherwise approved by Risk Management. Employees who will operate a vehicle while traveling on University business must certify on the Request for Authority to Travel Form 17 that they have reviewed the Minimum Driver Qualifications and that they fall within the "acceptable" category (MVR Grading Grid).

Students and Volunteer Drivers

Students and volunteers whose driving record does not fall into the "acceptable" category as defined by Risk Management (MVR Grading Grid) will not be authorized to drive a vehicle on University business.

Student and volunteer drivers must complete a Request for Driver Authorization Form RM01 if they will be:

  1. Operating a University Vehicle
  2. Operating a Personal Vehicle on University Business or for any other University purpose and specific written approval is required for such use. 
  3. Form RM01 must be forwarded to Risk Management, who will conduct an MVR review.

12- or 15-passenger Vans

  1. Drivers may not transport more than eight people (including the driver) in any 12- or 15-passenger van for off-campus events. This policy applies to all vans including, but not limited to, those owned, borrowed, rented or leased.
  2. At no time should the number of passengers exceed the number of available safety belts.
  3. Student and volunteer drivers operating vans on University business must be at least 20 years of age, have at least two years of licensed driving experience and must complete Risk Management's Purdue Passenger Van Training prior to operating a van on University business. Passenger van training is good for one year.