Big Idea Challenge 2.0 Presentation Schedule

Discovery Park’s Big Idea Challenge 2.0 finalists will present their proposals to a panel of judges that will determine the winning teams. The panel will consist of Purdue faculty from across the West Lafayette campus and highly regarded campus thought leaders. Presentations are open to the public. Each team will be given eight minutes to present their proposal and seven minutes to answer questions from the judges. 

Team # Presentation Time Proposal Title PI Email of PI College of PI
1 1:00-1:15 pm Addressing the Biodiversity Crisis: A Four-Platform Boilermaker Solution Bryan Pijanowski Agriculture
1:15-1:20 break
2 1:20-1:35 pm Conversion of Plastic Waste into Pristine Polymers, Naphtha, Fuels, and Other Products for Sustainability Nien-Hwa Linda Wang Engineering
1:35-1:40 pm break
3 1:40-1:55 pm From Cell Cultures to Community Cultures: Bringing Precision Health to Autism Bridgette Tonnsen Health and Human Sciences
1:55-2:00 pm break
4 2:00-2:15 pm Quantum Informatics for Businesses and Economies Karthik Kannan Krannert
2:15-2:20 pm break
5 2:20-2:35 pm Revolutionizing the development and manufacturing of next-generation biologics Rainer Fischer Science
2:35-2:40 pm break
6 2:40-2:55 pm Solving problems previously reserved to quantum computing with Purdue’s p-bits and how these future computational capabilities will impact security, politics and the society as a whole Joerg Appenzeller Engineering
2:55-3:00 pm break
7 3:00-3:15 pm The Energy Corridor Along the US/Mexico Border: Changing the Conversation Luciano Castillo Engineering
3:15-3:20 pm break
8 3:20-3:35 pm The Materials Genome Initiative Approach to Wearable Bioelectronics and Global Health Bryan Boudouris Science