Birck Research Symposium - Featuring Staff Scientist

Birck Nanotechnology Center
September 19, 2018
8:00 AM - 1:30 PM
BRK 1001


Speakers will include all of our staff scientists (Dima, Alex, Rosa, Nithin, Neil, Nick, Yi ) and Tim (for 3D cell culture lab) to each give  a 30-min invited talk (24-min presentation + 6 min Q&A) at this symposium.   The 24-min presentation (perhaps ~20-30 slides or so) will include ~12 min overview of the corresponding “Birck service”  --- lab facilities/capabilities/type of services or processes provided,  followed by (~12 min) some examples/highlights of research work (“science”) done by the staff scientist and supported users (faculty groups) using the facilities or services.   In some cases such as the upcoming Themis TEM, it may include examples (elsewhere) of the kind of research/science that can be enabled by such facilities that we may expect to see in near future.  

The talks will be recorded by nanoHub and (along with slides) put on Birck website to be viewed by people who may not make to the symposium as well as to show case our capabilities to attract more users (both from campus as well as outside Purdue).

A short panel discussion including all speakers are also planned at the end of the symposium.   Coffee and Lunch may be provided.   

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