Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) An Innovation Hub to Future-Proof Connected and Autonomous Technologies

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Indiana and the Midwest are well-positioned to become leaders in the field of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) transportation. Purdue’s facilities and competencies mirror those needed to fill the gap for CAV transportation in the region. Purdue is in a position to lead with potential partners in Indiana and the nation in the development of autonomous vehicle research, testing, evaluation and implementation. Discovery Park will oversee this initiative by forming strategic partnerships and will provide integrated, world-class engineering, data science, policy, economic and social science problem solving capabilities and solutions.

A Living Laboratory

The faculty, staff, and students of Purdue have the multidisciplinary expertise required to develop and build the smart interconnected technologies that are needed for our roads, vehicles, and the cloud.

Our vision includes a CAV community hub and living laboratory where faculty, students and staff will collaborate to design, build and test these systems.

Student projects and multi-disciplinary research programs will occur there. The result will be a vibrant community where Purdue’s undergraduate and graduate students launch their CAV careers, accelerating the world’s march toward safer, cleaner, more efficient, autonomous transportation systems.