Usher shows, get points, redeem for rewards!

Once you’ve requested a show, you will either be “selected” or “cut”.

Congrats! You get to usher, see the show, and earn points! You’ll get an email with all the info you need to know.

You still earn points for signing up! You’ll be put on the waiting list. If other ushers cancel you may still be picked up to 48 hours before the show.


10 points: Ushering for one show
15 points: Getting cut
3 points: Attending socials
1 point: Being a returning member each year
-45 points: No show
-15 points: Cancel within 48 hours
-5 points: Tardy
-5 points: Dress code violation


20 points: CVN button
40 points: CVN laptop sticker
80 points: “Golden Ticket”
Don’t miss a second of your chosen show! Email us before you work the show and you can take a seat as soon as it starts.
100 points: CVN t-shirt
150 points: Custom name tag