Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go? What time should I be there? Did you mention pizza?

“How much does it cost to join?”

$0. Pretty sweet deal, eh?

“How do you select ushers?”

Using an algorithm on our website, we select the number of ushers we need. The website sorts the list of selected ushers by points and those with the top points get selected to usher.

“How many shows do I need to usher per semester?”

You may usher as many or as few shows as you like. We definitely encourage you to try some smaller shows to build your points as well as experience some great shows for free that you may have normally seen.

“How early do I have to be there?”

Depending on the venue, we require you to be there approximately 30-45 minutes before doors open. The exact time will be listed in the confirmation email you receive, so be sure to refer to that.

“Why so early?”

Check in and briefing takes time and we need to be fully staffed and ready before doors open to help seat patrons, which is kind of our job.

“Do I have to stay for the entire show?”

No way! Ushers are officially released 15 minutes into the main act at which point you are welcome to leave or stay and enjoy the show where directed by hall staff.

“Do I get to stay if the show is sold out?”

We have an agreement with Hall of Music that regardless of sell out ushers may stay and watch the show. You will most likely be directed to stand in the back of the balcony.

“What if I can’t make it to the show that I signed up for?”

You can effortlessly cancel your sign-up for any show if it is at least 48 hours before the call time on our website on the event’s page.  If you do not cancel your sign-up in time, unfortunately we have to subtract points for your absence.

“If I can’t make a show, can my friend usher in my place?”

Because we have a waiting list of ushers, we cannot allow ushers to find their own replacements. You will notify that you are unable to make it through our system and the algorithm will select the next available and qualified usher.

“What do I do with my stuff while I’m ushering?”

There is a secure place to keep your belongings that will be attended and/or locked at all times. However, you are welcome to bring a lock for a locker. Please do not keep your purse or cell phone with you while you are ushing.

“Why is getting cut more points than ushering?”

If we did not award points for being cut, those who ushered the first shows would continuously rack up points and always get selected for further shows. This gives those members who were cut an advantage next time they request to usher a show.

“What is a pre/post-show?”

Pre-shows and post-shows are special events for patrons to get more involved with the show. They can include autograph sessions, program discussions, or activities for children. Usher responsibilities usually include crowd control and information dissemination.

“What is a Friends Intermission Club?”

Friends Intermission Clubs (FIC) is a show experience for donors at the Founders level or higher ($500) at Elliot hall of Music both 30 minutes before the show starts and during intermission. Usher responsibilities would include checking in donors and directing traffic flow.

“I’m already an usher, how do I get more involved?”

Contact us about becoming an Executive Board Member. I hear they get cookies!