How to Join

As easy as 1… 2… Boilerlink!

  1. Sign in on boilerlink with your Purdue account. 
  2. Go to “Organizations” and search for “Convocations Volunteer Network”.
  3. Click “Join”. You will get an email from us approving your membership. 
  4. Once you are approved, you can start signing up for shows.

How to sign up for a show:

  1. Go to boilerlink and sign in with your Purdue account.
  2. Find CVN on “Memberships” and click on it. 
  3. In the CVN page, scroll down to all events and click on “view more events”.
  4. Click on the event you want to usher.
  5. On the event page, go to “RSVP to Event” small window to the right of your screen.
  6. Choose “I will be attending”, “0 guests”, and “RSVP to Event”.
  7. A week before the show, you will get an email from us that will tell you if you were selected or not for the show. 
  8. If you are selected, you will also get a 48 and 24 hour reminder email. 

You can sign up for an unlimited number of shows (0 to as many shows as we have).