Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)

BL_industrial-roundtablePurdue Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record of a Purdue University-West Lafayette Campus student’s co-curricular involvement and leadership experiences.  The CCT is designed to encourage significant student involvement in the learning process by documenting experiences that take place outside the classroom.  The CCT serves to accentuate the student’s personal journey and provides a holistic view of a student’s skills and abilities. The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record compiled in BoilerLink and administered by the Office of the Dean of Students.  This document represents verified co-curricular experiences through Office of the Dean of Students processes.

How do I access my CCT?

The CCT can be accessed by students via BoilerLink.  After logging in, click on the “My Involvement” tab and then “Co-Curricular Transcript.”   Students can customize the view, save, and download .pdf versions of their CCT.

Why do I need a CCT?

Students can utilize the CCT for various purposes such as: a record of involvement at Purdue; to supplement applications to graduate school, scholarships, or campus jobs; an aid in “telling your story” or developing an elevator pitch for interviews and networking, to assist in the development of resumes, considering career path, and as a tool to plan personal goals and manage time.

What is included on my CCT?

Involvement in student organizations is automatically added, if the student in on the student organization roster.

Students can also self-report experiences such as study abroad, honors and awards and other campus-based experiences to be verified and added to their CCT.

Visit the Building Your Co-Curricular Transcript webpage for step-by-step instructions.

What types of experiences can I add to my CCT?

In addition to student organization participation and membership, students can add further co-curricular experiences to their CCT.  An experience is a participatory activity that takes place outside of the classroom.  An experience can be in conjunction with student organization membership or with a department or an area on campus.  However, an experience is not solely the student organization membership.  The following are types or categories of experiences that can be submitted for verification:

Alternative Break | Awards/Honors/Scholarships | Campus Employment | Campus Involvement | Certification | Community Engagement | Conference/Retreat | Diversity & Inclusion | Faculty Interaction | First Year Experience | Leadership Experience | Peer Mentor Program | ROTC | Study Abroad 

I noticed that some experiences are already included on my CCT, why are these there?

The Office of the Dean of Students and Student Activities and Organizations partnered with many areas on campus during the fall 2013 semester to upload several large-scale experiences to student’s CCTs.  Campus administrators have the option to request an upload of students who have participated in experiences in conjunction with their areas.  An administrator may share with you that an experience or activity in which you participate will be uploaded for you. In this case, there is no need to self-report that experience.

May I include off-campus employment or activities on my CCT?

All experience requests must be connected with the Purdue University West Lafayette campus in some manner and a faculty or staff member currently employed at the West Lafayette campus must be able to verify that you participate(d) in the requested experience.

How are my experiences verified?

When an experience request is submitted in BoilerLink, the submitter must include the name and contact information for a Purdue University-West Lafayette campus faculty or staff member that can verify the experience.  The request is automatically routed to the Student Activities & Organizations Office, and the appropriate staff member contacts the faculty or staff member listed as the verifier of that experience.  The experience is added to your CCT when the listed contact has verified the experience with the Student Activities & Organizations Office.

How do I make changes to my CCT?

By clicking on the “My Involvement” tab in BoilerLink, students can make changes to their CCT by clicking on “Co-Curricular Transcript” in the drop down menu.  Students have the option to add and sort involvement history, experiences, and event attendance as well as choose to hide or show service hours and reflections.

Who has access to my CCT?

Select administrators and Dean of Students staff have access to individual student’s CCTs.

Can I use my CCT in conjunction with my academic transcript?

Yes!  The Office of the Registrar offers an eTranscript feature that allows students to attach documents, such as the CCT, to academic transcripts.  Click here for information about ordering eTranscripts.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance with my CCT?

For more information about your CCT or to request a presentation about the CCT for your student organization, please contact Jacob Isaacs, Co-Curricular Experience Specialist, by calling the Student Activities & Organizations Office at (765) 494-1231 or via email at