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'i' - The Reflector Mine Command

The mine command requests a report of all information the reflector DBM knows about the person whose key is supplied in a field of the command message.

This is a restricted command -- it may be used only by specific pre-authorized PUIDs. (See DBM ACLs.)


The puidnetd.h symbol for the 'i' command is PUIDNETD_CMD_MINE.


The only key for the mine command is the PUID.


If the specified key is found and the PUID making the request is permitted, the reply message will contain a positive acknowledgement (ACK); if not, a negative acknowledgement (NAK).

An ACK will be accompanied by fields containing the information the DBM knows about the PUID.

A NAK may be accompanied by these fields. The field symbols come from puidnetd.h.

e -- an error code (PUIDNETD_DATA_ERRC); it accompanies a NAK reply.

M -- a message (PUIDNETD_DATA_MSG); it accompanies a NAK reply.

Returned Values

The reflector DBM returns the following field identifiers and their values in response to a properly authorized mine command. (Symbols come from puidnetd.h.)

a -- the PUID's alias (PUIDNETD_DATA_AKA)

c -- the creator's PUID (PUIDNETD_DATA_CRID)

h -- the PUID's Human Resources ID (HRID) (PUIDNETD_DATA_HRID)

i -- the PUID's attributes bit value as a hexadecimal integer (PUIDNETD_DATA_ATTR)

N -- the PUID's common name (PUIDNETD_DATA_CNM)


s -- the Student ID (SID) (PUIDNETD_DATA_SID)

u -- the PUID of the last updater (modifier) (PUIDNETD_DATA_UPUID)

U -- the last update (modification) time (PUIDNETD_DATA_UTM) (See DBM Times.)

> -- the creation time (PUIDNETD_DATA_CRTM) (See DBM Times.)

Here's an example for PUID 26

I p26

Reply, shown on multiple lines for the sake of readability:



a -- is the positive acknowledgement (ACK)

p26 -- 26 is the PUID.

aaka -- aka is the alias.

h112223333 -- 112223333 is the Human Resources ID (HRID).

s445556666 -- 44555656666 is the Student ID (SID).

Nname -- name is the common name.

c18 -- 18 is the creator's PUID.

>983452206.130 -- 983452206.130 is the creation time. (See DBM Times.)

u34 -- 34 is the last updater's (modifier's) PUID.

U983454188.2499 -- 983454188.2499 is the last update (modification) time. (See DBM Times.)

i0 -- is a bit mask in hexadecimal of the the PUID's attributes.

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