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'i' - The Get DBM Information Command

The I2A2 DBMs will return information about their internal state in response to this command.


The puidnetd.h symbol for the authenticate command is PUIDNETD_CMD_GETINFO.


When not accompanied by other fields, the command returns basic DBM information about memory usage and the DBM process.

If the command is accompanied by a message field, 'M' (PUIDNETD_DATA_MSG), the value of the field may select information reporting options.

These options are supported and are defined in puidnetd.h with PUIDNETD_GIFO symbols.

a -- alias (PUIDNETD_DATA_AKA); do an exact match on the alias fielda value.
p -- PUID (PUIDNETD_DATA_PUID); do an exact match on the PUID field value.


If the specified key is found and the authentication is successful, the reply message will contain a positive acknowledgement (ACK); if not, a negative acknowledgement (NAK). N.B.: a NAK may result even if the password matches, e.g., if the account is frozen.

A NAK may be accompanied by these fields. The field symbols come from puidnetd.h.

A -- get all DBM information (PUIDNETD_GIFO_ALL). (Some information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.)
a -- get DBM information about aliases (PUIDNETD_GIFO_AKA). (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.)
b -- get a PUID's DBM-specific DBM ACL bits (PUIDNETD_GIFO_GETACL). (This is a restricted option.)
n -- get DBM information about common names (PUIDNETD_GIFO_CN). (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.)
p -- get DBM information about PUIDs (PUIDNETD_GIFO_PUID). (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.)
q -- get a DBM's queue statistics. (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.)
r -- get statistics about authenticator DBM realms.
s -- get information about HRIDs and SIDs from the reflector DBM. (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.)

Restricted Fields

Restricted options may be used only by client applications that have identified a PUID to a net damon via client-side SSL, and the PUID has permission to use the option. The DBM ACL section gives more information on how PUIDs are given permission to use restricted DBM facilities.

Restriction of some options or selected information of some options to callers whose PUID is PUID_ROOT is done for reasons of performance.

DBA Secifics

Each DBM reports information specific to its state and may have separate message options for selecting information beyond the basic report.


A positive acknowledgement reply (ACK) is accompanied by the requested DBM information in message fields.

A negative acknowledgement reply (NAK) is accompanied by an error code field, explaining the reason for the negative reply.


Examples are provided in the DBM-specific sections, indicated above.

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