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Connie M. Weaver

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Email: weavercm@purdue.edu
Distinguished Professor Emerita, Department of Nutrition Science

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PhD Florida State University Nutrition 1978

Research Interests

Nutrition; calcium metabolism/bone health

Teaching Interests

Minerals, Executive in the Classroom


Alliance for Potato Research and Education
Tate & Lyle
National Institutes of Health

Selected Publications

Whisner CM, Martin BR, Nakatsu, CH, Story JA, MacDonald-Clarke CJ, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, Weaver CM. Soluble corn fiber increases calcium absorption associated with shifts in the gut microbiome. A randomized dose-response trial in free-living pubertal girls. J Nutr, In press, 2016.

Bailey RL, Parker EA, Rhodes DG, Goldman JD, Clemens JC, Moshfegh AJ, Thuppal SV, Weaver CM. Estimating sodium and potassium intakes and their ratio in the American diet: Data from the 2011-2012 NHANES. J Nutr 2016 doi: 10.3945/jn.115.221184

Ferira AJ, Laing EM, Hausman DB, Hall DB, McCabe GP, Martin BR, Hill KM, Warden SJ, Weaver CM, Peacock M, Lewis RD. Vitamin D supplementation effects on insulin sensitivity and resistance in early pubertal white and black children. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, In Press, 2016.

Bailey RL, Parker EA, Rhodes DG, Goldman JD, Clemens JC, Moshfegh AJ, Thuppal SV, Weaver CM. Estimating sodium and potassium intakes and their ratio in the American Diet: Data from the 2011-2012 NHANES. J Nutr, 2016 doi:10.3945/jn.115.221184.

Bailey RL, Looker AC, Lu Z, Fan R, Eicher-Miller HA*, Fakhouri TH, Gahche JJ, Weaver CM, Mills JM. B-vitamins and bone mineral density and risk of lumbar osteoporosis in older females in the U.S. Am J Clin Nutr 102:687-954, 2015.

Jackson GS, Einstein JA, Kubley T, Martin BR, Weaver CM, Caffee MW. Biomedical graphite and CaF2 preparation and measurement at PRIME Lab. Nucl Instr and Meth in Phys Res B. 361:358-362, 2015.

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Schafer AL, Weaver CM, Black DM Wheeler AL, Chang H, Szefc GV, Steward L, Rogers SJ, Carter JT, Posselt AM, Shoback DM, Sellmeyer DE. Intestinal calcium absorption decreases dramatically after gastric bypass surgery despite optimization of vitamin D status. J Bone Miner Res 30:1377-1385, 2015.

Pawlowski J, Martin B, McCabe G, McCabe L, Jackson G, Peacock M, Barnes S, Weaver CM. Impact of equol producing capacity and soy isoflavone profiles of supplements on bone calcium retention in postmenopausal women: a partially randomized crossover trial. Am J Clin Nutr 102:695-703, 2015

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Park CY, Lee WH, Fleet JC, Allen MR, McCabe GP, Walsh DM, Weaver CM. (2014). Calcium and vitamin D intake maintained from pre-ovariectomy independently affect calcium metabolism and bone properties in Sprague Dawley rats.Osteoporos Int, 25(7):1905-15.

Pawlowski J, Martin B, McCabe G, Ferruzzi M, Weaver, C. (2014). Polyphenolic-rich extracts of plum, blueberry, grape seed, soy, and grape improve bone calcium retention in ovariectomized Sprague Dawley rats.J Ag Food Chem, 62(26):6108-17.

Palacios C, Martin BR, McCabe GP, McCabe L, Peacock M, Weaver CM. (2014 ). Dietary calcium requirements do not differ between Mexican American boys and girls.J Nutr, 144(8):1167-73.

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Moseley, K., Weaver, C., Appel, L., Sebastian, A., & Sellmeyer, D. E. (2013). Potassium citrate supplementation results in sustained improvement in calcium balance in older men and women. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 28, 497-504.

Simon, R. R., Borzellaeca, J. F., DeLuca, H. F., & Weaver, C. M. (2013). Safety assessment of the post-harvest treatment of button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) using ultraviolet light. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 56, 278-289.

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Whisner CM, Martin BR, Schoterman MHC, Nakatsu CH, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, Wastney ME, van den Heuvel EGHM, Weaver CM. (2013). Galacto-oligosaccharides increase calcium absorption and gut bifidobacteria in young girls: A double blind crossover trial. Br J Nutr 14:1-12. PMID:23507173

Hill KM, Martin BR, Wastney ME, McCabe GP, Moe SM, Weaver CM, Peacock M. (2013). Oral calcium carbonate affects calcium but not phosphorus balance in stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease. Kidney Intl 83:959-66. PMID: 23254903

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