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Fred E. Regnier

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Email: fregnier@purdue.edu
Office: BRWN 3164A Map
Phone: (765) 494-3878
Fax: (765) 494-0359
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John H. Law Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

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B.S. Nebraska State College 1960
Ph.D. Oklahoma State University 1965

Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests: Analytical chemistry, analytical biochemistry

Selected Publications

Drake, Penelope M.; Schilling, Birgit; Niles, Richard K.; Braten, Miles; Johansen, Eric; Liu, Haichuan; Lerch, Michael; Sorensen, Dylan J.; Li, Bensheng; Allen, Simon; Hall, Steven C.; Witkowska, H. Ewa; Regnier, Fred E.; Gibson, Bradford W.; Fisher, and Susan J. (2011) A lectin affinity workflow targeting glycosite-specific, cancer-related carbohydrate structures in trypsin-digested human plasma. Analytical Chemistry, 408(1), 71-85.

Madian, Ashraf G. and Regnier, Fred E. (2010). Proteomic Identification of Carbonylated Proteins and Their Oxidation Sites. Journal of Proteome Research, 9(8), 3766-3780

Cho, Wonryeon; Jung, Kwanyoung; and Regnier, Fred E. (2010). Screening antibody and immunosorbent selectivity by two-dimensional liquid chromatography-MS/MS. Journal of Separation Science, 33(10), 1438-1447.

Johansen, Eric; Anderson, N. Leigh; Regnier, Fred E.; Gibson, Bradford W.; Fisher, and Susan J. (2010). Sweetening the pot: adding glycosylation to the biomarker discovery equation. Clinical Chemistry (Washington, DC, United States), 56(2), 223-236.

Madian, Ashraf G. and Regnier,Fred E. (2010). Profiling carbonylated proteins in human plasma. Journal of Proteome Research, 9(3), 1330-1343.

Yang, W-C; Regnier, F.E.; Jiang, Q.; and Adamec, J.(2010). In vitro stable isotope labeling for discovery of novel metabolites by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry: Confirmation of y-tocopherol metabolism in human A549 cell. Journal of Chromatography, A 1217, 667-675.

Kim, Jin-Hee; Sedlak, Miroslav; Gao, Qiang; Riley, Catherine P.; Regnier, Fred E.; and Adamec, Jiri. (2010). Oxidative stress studies in yeast frataxin mutant: A proteomics perspective. Journal of Proteome Research (9(2), 730-736.

Paulovich, Amanda G; Billheimer, Dean; Ham, Amy-Joan L; Vega-Montoto, Lorenzo; Rudnick, Paul A; Tabb, David L; Wang Pei; Blackman Ronald K; Bunk David M; Cardasis Helene L; and Regnier, Fred. (2010). Interlaboratory study characterizing a yeast performance standard for benchmarking LC-MS platform performance. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 9(2), 242-54.

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