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Kimberly Illingworth

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Phone: (765) 494-5966
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Professor of Pharmacy Practice

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PhD Purdue University Pharmacy Administration 1999

Research Interests

Dr. Plake's primary research interests are focused on patient care and associated outcomes. Most of her past research has centered on services and programs in the community settings. Projects in this area include implementing interdisciplinary health care in the community pharmacy setting, evaluating a nonprescription medication service, and assessing a community diabetes screening project. As she has continued to conduct research in areas of chronic illness, she has become interested in facilitating health behavior change in patients and teaching pharmacy practitioners/students how to facilitate change. She also has recently developed an interest in health literacy and interventions to improve patient education and health outcomes.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Plake's main teaching responsibility involves introductory aspects of pharmacy practice, including compounding, calculations, and communication. In addition, she teaches patient management topics, including health behavior theory, cultural awareness, and health literacy. She also is engaged in research pertaining to teaching. She has been involved in diabetes certificate programs and their impact on pharmacists' provision of pharmaceutical care, as well as assessing empathy and its development in pharmacy students.


2020 - The Gloria Neimeyer Francke Pharmacy Practice Advancement Grant Program
2019 - Purdue University Instruction Innovation Grant Program

Selected Publications

Newlon JL, Goswami S, Bentley JP, Illingworth KS. Community pharmacists readiness to take action to improve working conditions. Journal of American Pharmacists Association. 2023;63(5):1600-06.e1.

Newlon JL, Murphy EM, Ahmed R, Illingworth KS. Determining and regulating scope of practice for health care professionals: A participatory, multiple stakeholder approach. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2023;19(3):457-67.

Kadakia NN, Nolan M, Illingworth KS. Students' reflections on learning in experiences in Federally Qualified Health Centers. Journal of Pharmacy Practice. 2023;36(5):1268-76.

Kadakia NN, Horn E, Fawcett N, Ou A, Illingworth Plake KS. Utilization of an implementation framework to obtain provider perspectives of pharmacist-led clinical services. Journal of the American Pharmacists' Association. 2022;62(5):1659-1665.e3.

Clemmons A, Lebovitz L, Fulford M, Greene K, Franks A, Branan, Illingworth Plake K. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on faculty at research-intensive United States schools/college of pharmacy. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. 2022;14(2):145-52.

Beal JL, Bentley JP, Snyder ME, Zillich AJ, Rafie S, Illingworth Plake KS. Impact of pharmacist prescribing through direct pharmacy access policies on access to hormonal contraception. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2022;62(1):194-201.e1.

Clabaugh M, Beal JL, Illingworth Plake KS. Perceptions of working conditions and safety concerns in community pharmacy. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2021;61(6):761-71.

Udayachalerm S, Bair MJ, Illingworth Plake KS, Huang CY, Murray MD, Foster DR. Opioid prescribing and health outcomes in opioid naive patients: Analysis of a statewide health information exchange. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2021;61(5):623-631.e3.

Beal JL, Clabaugh M, Illingworth Plake KS. Policy solutions to address community pharmacy working conditions. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2021;61(4):450-461.

Adeoye-Olatunde OA, Vlashyn OO, Illingworth Plake KS, Woodyard JL, Weber ZA, Russ-Jara AL. A mixed methods study of pharmacy instructors' early experiences with a teaching electronic medical record. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. 2021;13(9):1180-1193.

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